About Us

Your home away from home… Talisay Boutique Hotel offers only 5 cozy rooms with their own identity. After a refreshing dip in our pool you will be able to enjoy our open sky shower. Try also to get a coffee or tea near our reception (free of charge) and have a sit in our little garden to enjoy the spectacular view from El Nido’s taraw cliff formation.


The beautiful story of El Nido


Palawan is also called “the last frontier of Philippines” due to its remote geographical position and it lack of infrastructure. 

Bacuit Bay is composed by 45 islands and islets. The beauty of El Nido is almost surreal: pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and islands of limestone cliffs with bonsai trees around it. There is a saying telling that Jacques Cousteau described Palawan as the most beautiful place he never seen.


At Talisay Boutique Hotel we care a lot for the environment.

Let's save water! In El Nido water resources is limited, especially during the summer, that is why we try to save it as much as possible: please try to have short showers. In order to minimize water consumption, we do have our own recycling system: we use water from the shower to flush our toilets. 

To heat water for shower, we have our own solar panel to save electricity!

With our little tropical garden we are trying to bring back more nature in the middle of the town.

Say no to plastic! As we all know plastic waste is destructive to our planet: we do not use any plastic bottles, glasses, straws… We use purified water and encourage all our guests to do so, plus it is free of charge! When you go out, we will be happy to refill your bottle. In the rooms you will find shampoo and soap but never in individual packaging in order also to reduce our plastic waste.