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6 keys information before travelling to El Nido

Updated: May 20, 2019

1. El Nido, now, has several ATMs. So you will be able to get money much more easily than few years ago. Here are there locations: Lio Shop, One suite Hotel (Corong Corong), BPI main branch in El Nido town

2. 24 hours electricity! El Nido town is having 24 power but with a lot of interruption. The town has been growing very fast and the supply of electricity is too short for everybody. So often it will cut. Many establishments are having generator to run at least fan.

3. No to single use plastic. A new ordinance has been implemented few months ago prohibiting the single use plastic. In most of the establishments, you will not see: plastic straw, plastic cup or others. It is also not allowed to bring plastic water bottles or and/or plastic bags while exploring the the islands. You can buy a reusable water bottle at Talisay Boutique Hotel and refill it for free at the reception. Let's join hands in protecting our beautiful environment!

4. No hospitals in El Nido. One of the main down side of El Nido is that there is no hospital. In case of minor sickness you have the following options: Medical City center or the Public Health center. For major concern we advise you to go to the hospital in Puerto Princesa or even better to Manila (Saint Luke Hospital).

5. There is an airport in El Nido. Airswift is the company operating daily flights from and to Manila, Clark, Bohol, Boracay, Puerto Princesa, Coron, Basco.

This is another option than flying to Puerto Princesa is to do the 5 hours van ride.

6. Wifi! Having good wifi is a bit challenging in El Nido but the connection has been improved a lot recently. El Nido town is having mostly fiber optic but we sometimes still experience some interruption. So take the chance to disconnect and go for a swim.

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