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Inland tour, best tips to travel around El Nido!

What else is there in the inland tour of El nido?

El nido is known for its beautiful islands but do you know that there is much to do when you go on an inland tour? These are the places you should visit on your vacation in el nido ...

  • Nacpan Beach:

The nacpan beach is known for its twin beaches and white sand, the air is breathtaking in nacpan and it is very quiet because it is away from the people and so many vehicles. great for group excursions, family picnics and photoshoots.

How to get to nacpan beach?

Can ride a Van, motorcyle or Motorbike. It takes about 45 minutes from el nido town before you reach the place and there is an entrance fee charged to each guest entering the nacpan beach.

How much does a van or motorbike cost?

many motorbike shops offer cheap prices to get nacpan for 500 pesos when motorbike rentals, 1,200 pesos motorcycle rentals, 1,000 pesos rental van.

Where to eat in Nacpan Beach?

There are restaurants that offer local food that is just as good as homemade at affordable prices or can bring ready-to-eat food that can be purchased at the food shop in el nido town.

  • Duli Beach

Ideal for surfing enthusiasts, who like to relax and enjoy the waves. The latter has a long beach that is sunbathing; it is also famous for its beautiful sunset.

How to get to duli beach?

You can rent a motorbike, Van or Motorcycle and it will take 45 minutes before you reached the duli beach and there is an entrance fee.

Where to eat?

There is a nearby eatery at the beach and friendly staff will take care of you when you arrive there.

  • Las Cabanas Beach

Here you can see the wonderful sunset while sipping cold juice or beer with your friends or family. you will relax in a tranquil place with white sand on its beach. so the vacation is incomplete unless you go and enjoy the beauty of las cabanas beach.

  • Kuyawyaw falls

It is known for its clean and attractive falls and not just one falls but three close to each other. You will enjoy it because it is very close to nature, it is located in the middle of the forest and here you will find wild animals such as monkeys, lizards and various species of birds. you will surely be comforted by the crystal clear water falling on your body while paddling on it.

How to get there?

You can ride from the el nido town by motor, tricycle and van which takes from 45 minutes to an hour but only to the entrance as you have to walk 20 to 30 minutes on the narrow jungle road to the falls.

Where to eat?

Since it is in the middle of the jungle, there is no restaurant or eatery near the quaint falls so it is advisable that all who will go there have to bring their own food to avoid starving while enjoying the falls. and it has a corresponding entrance fee for every visitor to it.

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