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Where to eat in El Nido?

After the entire day of activities, your El Nido escapade is not complete without a good food trip. A lot of options of bar and restaurants around the place.

Craving for pizza?, ALTOVE EXPRESS have a good brick oven pizza of your choice, pasta and many more mouth watering dishes.

Want to eat Filipino food? TAMBOK'S EL NIDO is serving Filipino comfort food representing the taste of Palawan and serve other asian dishes as well.

TASTE, has delicious vegan an a lot smoothies option! Definitely the best place in El Nido for fruits and vegetarian options, they also have super friendly staff!

BULALO PLAZA, simple yet perfect place to dine specially when its cold outside, try their Special Beef Bulalo and many more dishes.

EL NIDO ART CAFE, An Eco restaurant and boutique at the same time that serve healthy yet tasty food, and satisfy your cravings from their menu.

Selling an eco-friendly things to use during vacation and souvenirs from their boutique.

If you want to chill or to party at the beach front, go to the Bar, drink some beer and liquor with music and endulge El Nido paradise.

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